Odyssey Imaging specializes in developing diagnostic services within your practice. Odyssey’s unique program creates revenue without a capital investment or an increase in administrative overhead to your practice.

Ancillary Revenue Profile Using the Odyssey Nuclear Cardiac Program










Odyssey Imaging, LLC is a Virginia corporation that specializes in diagnostic imaging services. What started in 1981 under the name of Meritus Health Systems, has transformed from mobile CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine to now owning and operating fixed based imaging centers. Odyssey has also worked with hundreds of physicians to help extablish revenue producing diagnostic procedures inside their practices. Odyssey was also the parent corporation that owned Roanoke’s free standing MRI and CT center, the Center for Advanced Imaging.

Does bringing imaging services like nuclear cardiology inside of my practice violate any of the Medicare or Stark laws?

The structure of the lease program that Odyssey sets up with physicians in their practice complies with all Stark, Medicare, Fraud and Abuse and Anti-Kickback legislation. Odyssey uses a nationally renowned medical law firm to analyze and document each program to insure compliance.

The Odyssey programs, like in-house nuclear cardiology and bone densitometry require a minimum number of patients per month to be done in the office; what if our practice cannot meet this minimum?

The Odyssey monthly patient minimum is set up to offset the expenses that Odyssey incurs in establishing and running the service. If a physician’s ofice does not meet the minimum, id does not mean that the program cost the practice money. For example, the Odyssey charges for nuclear cardiology average about 48% of what the physician will collect. If the average reimbursement for a nuclear stress test is $900, on a 40 patient month (the minimum) the practice would net $17,200 that month after paying Odyssey. If the practice only did 30 patients in one month, the practice would stillnet $11,600 after paying the Odyssey minimum. The break even point for a practice at $900 per scan is 17 per month, or 4 per week.