Odyssey Imaging specializes in developing diagnostic services within your practice. Odyssey’s unique program creates revenue without a capital investment or an increase in administrative overhead to your practice.

Ancillary Revenue Profile Using the Odyssey Nuclear Cardiac Program














Odyssey will provide a complete turn-key in-house nuclear cardiac suite for the internal medicine practice. This program will include:

Contract Term

The term is five years with renewal options. A prospetive medical practice also guarantees a minimum or 40 procedurs per month.* However, this does not represent a true break even for the physician. The financial models shows than on a 40 procedure per month volume, the physician nets in excess of $15,00/month. A true break even for a physician is 17 patients per month.

Charge Structure

Charges are on a fee per procedure basis. The following illustrates the Odyssey charges and is broken down according to the payers in the following manner:


Odyssey Fee

Physician Receives**

non medicare







A center can be operational 60-90 days after signing the formal agreement.

*The contract term and guarantee may be lower depending on the practice profile.
**This is an estimate of what the physician would receive from an insurance company.